In 2017 I had the delight of visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unlike most countries I have traveled or desired to travel, this country was one I went to with very little preconceived notions, as my social media wasn’t really plastered with it as a “destination” holiday spot. I did, however, know it was a war-torn country with religious and political divides, at least, that’s what I remembered hearing on the news as a child.

Once I actually landed in Sarajevo, it looked to me as any European country. It was vibrant and beautiful with a special grit and edge to…

Othering the Other Woman: Online Shaming Says More About Our Society Than We Think

“Aurat hi aurat ki sab se barri dushman hoti hai” (A woman is a woman’s worst enemy), a casual phrase I think most Pakistanis have grown up hearing. Whether it is in the context of the wife/mother-in-law power struggle; gossip and sabotage at the workplace or familial bonds; and, most notably when a woman has an affair with someone’s “man”. These are diverging intricacies of internalised and systemic patriarchy in all these three scenarios. A mother works her entire life to cement her status in the…

The Pepsi ad.

We live in an increasingly polarised world it seems but nothing unites people or shall I say the internet hive-mind more like something to collectively hate on. Case in point: the infamous Pepsi advertisement that unabashedly (and oh so badly) tried to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement. To me this ad seemed like old news especially after in a unique moment of corporate conscientiousness it was pulled, thankfully. However, the Pepsi ad and all the criticism rightfully levelled makes one not only question corporate advertising’s newest arsenal to sell products by appropriating social movements but also our reactions to…

Name: Mavra Bari

Twitter handle: @MavraBari

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Organization Name: WECREATE | Pakistan

Organization Website:

Brief Description of Organization

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Center of Resources, Education, Access, and Training for Economic Empowerment (WECREATE) is a grand global vision to decrease the vast gender gap between businesses that are led by women, especially in developing countries. …

Mavra Bari

Sociologist, writer, anxious hypochondriac waxing lyrical. Believes in the power of critical analysis and pizza to unite against oppressive forces.

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